Thursday, December 30, 2010

Race to the bottom

Recently a friend has taken a fancy to a fellow who is in the unfortunate predicament of having the words "White Pride" permanently painted to his chest. I suppose the circumstance isn't so unfortunate to him, however, because he can't be bothered with getting it removed or covered -- even a black bar would do given the situation. It's very perplexing to me how indifferent my friend is to her condition since she is a very reasonable young lady. And a very nice young lady.

I can't support something that I know to be wrong. I'm sure he's perfectly lovely to my friend, and even to those black coworkers who apparently know all about his tattoo, but this is 2011 and decent people just can't support that. I'm sure he's cool if I met him, and no I haven't met him and I don't have anything personal. It is my sincerest belief that he chooses to live out his life with hate speech on a large part of real estate on his body, and for that I really don't want anything to do with him.

And I guess the friend in question has read this and since defriended me on Facebook. I would suppose that it was her passive aggressive way at retaliation for this very post. And I may also suppose, if I took a deep look into my own personal motivations, that these musings are a tinge passive aggressive as well. In addition, I feel like I need to put my thoughts in the universe. To consolidate and refine my thoughts, since at times they can be all over the place.