Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Island Madness

The day before I left Virginia for Kwajalein via Honolulu, I decided to give myself a haircut. It was a spur of the moment idea when I realized that I wouldn't have a decent haircut for at least another two weeks. At first I just wanted to clean myself up along the sides and in the back. Then a peculiar event occured, and I ended up buzzing my entire head. I can't tell you what that even was. The closest I can explain is that it happened at midnight before going off to a place that I never wanted to see again.

This isn't my favorite place in the world. And to all those people who think this is a tropical island, they have never been to a real tropical or even subtropical island, or probably even a decent beach. To quote Charlotte from LOST, "This place is death!" I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can without believing in a lie. After dark, I walked to the seaside part of the island and sang to the waves, but before I ran at sunset.

I wanted to run six miles, but I could only run four. What I really want to do is yoga, but there isn't any room. Tai chi it is. While on my run, this lady of a certain age rides her bicycle next to me and gives me the once over by openly staring at me. I always thought it would be fun and flattering to have someone treat me like a piece of meat, but it just made me uncomfortable. She didn't say anything for about a minute until I made awkard small talk. The point is, I'm still bragging that I finally attracted my very own creeper, but I remain unsettled by the experience itself. It must be the hair.


Rainmaker said...

You need to post a picture of your creeper. You have plenty of time there to get it, so get to work.

RWJ said...

I will do my best. I will paint you a visual with words in the mean time: Boxy frame (no waist), matronly upper arms, and a face like a potted plant. That's really awful of me. I can only justify it with saying that she had it coming for objectifying me.